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As students and our practice explores our shared interests: the possibilities and meanings of relationship, connection and intimacy; the mechanisms by which personal belief hardens into dogma; the relationship between the senses and memory; and the (im)possibilities of collaboration.

We repeatedly ask questions about relationship – between the two of us, between us and the audience, between private selves and public faces. This is reflected in the many and varied forms in which audiences engage with us and our work.

As curators and teachers, we create dynamic social spaces where audiences can encounter performance and students learn. In doing so we facilitate the work-making of a host of live our students, representing many approaches and disciplines. The environments we create are ideal for situational live study, with its strategies of interactivity, participation and site-sensitivity.

Justin Allen is a performance teacher and curator exploring questions of intimacy, sexuality, risk and taboo. His practice tests the limits and borders of the public and the private. While his work sometimes appears extreme, it can also be surprisingly gentle: in Mehetabel he invited audiences of 3 at a time into a stranger’s house, creating a tender series of interactions that explored the meanings of home and childhood.


Ewelina Kolaczek is a performance artist and curator. Her work examines conscious and subconscious consent and consequences; states of transition in-between the birth of viewpoints and the fixing of certainties; and the impenetrability of personal experience. Ewelina likes involving audiences in spaces and experiences where they can examine reality in meditative, uneasy or poetic ways.

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