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Educational games - that were not intended as such

The Internet has allowed many young people around the world to be exposed to the English language much sooner and much more abundantly than their parents and grandparents were when they were their age. As all teachers know, the first years of our lives are the best for learning any language, so the learning process through exposure to the English language at an early stage is especially efficient. Now kids and young adults speak a surprisingly proficient English for the level of formal education they actually got in school or after school classes. Parents become surprised at the abilites of their children, and often it is the little ones who translate thing from and to English for their parents.

This happens because exposure is the natural way in which we learn our first language when we are toddlers. Exposure to a second or third language should also do the job, and the Internet is great for exposure in this regard. Not only do children and teenagers learn the language through posts and social media content, but also, games and videogames play a huge role in their English proficiency. Read More...

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